Awaaz Do is an American band that calls Boston, Massachusetts home. The project began in 2013 as a one-night-only Bollywood song cover project, and has since evolved. With influences ranging from Black Sabbath to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Awaaz Do draws on a broad array of sounds (and at least a half dozen languages) from North America and South Asia to create its genre-transcending sound.


Saraswathi Jones


Vocals & Guitar

Saraswathi Jones is a composer and multi instrumentalist who grew up listening to Mozart, qawwali, British invasion rock, punk, Hindustani classical, hip hop, metal, classic country and Bengali folk songs, all of which she channels into her own music. Having assembled Awaaz Do in 2013 as a one-night-only Bollywood cover supergroup, she is thrilled to continue to playing and writing original music with the band as the project continues to evolve and transcend. Jones is also Board President of Girls Rock Campaign Boston and an avid marine mammal enthusiast.

Learn more about her solo projects here




Socheata hits drums,
    Playing beats of jazz and rock.
        Cha-jing, KAH! Do BAH!
Influenced by sounds
    Of rhythms that resonate
        Deep inside her chest.


Azhar PH


No frills, just the thrills.



Dhol & Rhythm Guitar

Sapan has found a unique way to incorporate his variety of musical influences into Awaaz Do as he grew up listening to punk rock, hip hop, alternative, jazz, Latin music, classical indian music, ghazals and bhangra.  He had taught himself how to play guitar and picked up the dhol while in college.  Sapan also sits on the board for Subcontinental Drift Boston, a monthly open mic space for South Asian voices and he enjoys connecting people through music.



Lead Guitar

Jagdeep is an accomplished guitar player and music creator who has played in numerous bands in his ongoing musical journey. He strongly believes music transcends all boundaries and tries to infuse his different influences into the music of Awaaz Do, be it rock, hindustani classic, punk, folk, the blues or sufi.

In his spare time, he enjoys playing different instruments and recording at his home studio. He also designs and creates art and likes being deeply involved in the creative aspects of his musical projects.

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